Sunday, December 30, 2007

Huck Slimes Up

Reverend Huck knows you don't bring a knife to a gun fight. The Republican presidential race will get nasty in the trenches so Huck recently hired Ed Rollins, unreconstituted Reagan political thug, as campaign manager. While manager of Christine Todd Whitman's successful bid to be governor of New Jersey, he gloated to reporters about paying "street money to dissuade black clergymen from giving sermons that encouraged parishioners to vote and to persuade Democratic workers to spend Election Day at home." Link. Can you say Donald Segretti? Conspiracy Theory Central can.

Whattaya think will be the first move out of the box for Ed "dirty tricks" Rollins? Maybe send bogus Romney Xmas cards to South Carolina voters with inflamatory Mormon quotes such as a claim that God had plural wives? Apparently the Huckster's people read my post instructing them to cram Joseph Smith up Romney's ass. An imaginative play but we expect more from Mr. Rollins. Waiting with baited breath we are for the next Rollins "ratfuck".

Oh, and here is a nice video featuring Huck's former campaign manager over @ the Born Again Redneck blog.

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