Friday, August 21, 2009

Persecuted White Males--Me and Glenn In The Bunker

Fox sent Glenn Beck on a forced vacation this week so I graciously offered him use of the spare bedroom in my Anti-Obama bunker. The whole thing is a complete farce. How can a man be punished for saying that Obama is racist against white people? Oh, yet another injustice against the persecuted white male. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is called "the White House" for a reason, white people are supposed to run the place. But look what has happened to America. Not only has this son of Africa taken possession of the White House but now he is trying to ram socialized medicine up our white asses. That's what they have in Russia and France. It's communism by another name. He's declared war against our friends in the insurance and drug industries, true patriotic Americans they be. I'll dare he!!! Greed is good. Greed built America. How can Obama be against greed? Glenn calls the racist out and look what happens, he is the one suspended. Pity the persecuted white male.

My friend Glenn does not deal well with pain. Some say Glenn went psychotic post-op from his hemorrhoid surgery last year begging for mass amounts of narcotics. I personally think that judgment is a bit harsh.

Glenn old friend, rest easy. Rush paid a recent visit to the bunker and left behind an enormous stash of drugs. We can make the pain go away. I'm on the phone right now setting up a dinner date in the bunker with Michelle and Ann. We'll show them the Eric Dane / Rebecca Gayheart / Kari Ann Peniche video and hope they get the hint. I'm staying down here for the duration of the Obama dictatorship. All true believers are welcome (but bring your own prescription drugs). We're underneath the Greenbrier Hotel, just knock on the steel door.