Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Party of Yahweh Annoints Rush The New Moses

Thank the Almighty that his party has finally come to its senses and realized that Rush is our Moses! Sarah "Joan of Arc" Palin has diapers to change and mooses to hunt. Piyush Jindal appears to be a playdo man formed out of a few of Rush's discarded turds. Ron Paul must be an atheist because he is against war. We all know war is a tool of the Almighty to bring forth justice in the world.

Oh ye infidels, hear the greatness as it foments from the golden mouth of the mighty Rush. He shall lead us to the promised land. We want Barack Obama to fail because the people might delusionally like him if his programs bear short-term prosperity, prosperity the terrorists are sure to hate and destroy because the party of God is out of power and not there to protect the nation. Remember, the United States and the party of God are one in the same. What is good for the Republican Party is good for America. Therefore, the failure of Obama's economic plan may sting but it is in the best interest of us all. Those supporting the party of Satan (aka the Obama-Clinton Party) are subhumans. We care not if they suffer.

Which brings us to the most pressing problem, succession of our new national leader. Rush's member has not borne fruit. This is a serious national security issue and we at Conspiracy Theory Central know the woman for the job--Ann "the angel of righteousness" Coulter. She must mate with his omnipotence to bring forth the chosen one who shall destroy our enemies once and for all. Ann, save your nation and jump on that red faced, fat man's cock!