Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fred Panders To Bubbas

We thought we liked the Viagra man. Now we know it. He just ripped Hillary a new one: "there is no woman on the horizon that ought to be president next year." Link. In an exclusive follow-up quote obtained by Conspiracy Theory Central, Fred said, "Women belong barefoot and pregnant like my wife. Hillary's too ugly to breed so I'm not sure what use she has on this planet." Misogynistic? Hell yeah! That's the point. What other major presidential candidate would make such a blatantly sexist statement in a desperate attempt to pander to the bubba vote? Fred's got balls and he ain't afraid to set them out there basking in the sunshine. But can he stay awake long enough to do the job?

Another Fred quote from Iowa, "What man are we going to set on the road — to lead us and to stand against this assault [by the tax and spend jackals]?" What man indeed Fred. An old broken down actor or a dragon slayer? Sorry Fred, I'll take the dragon slayer. Someone please fix that stupid Constitution to allow this to be so! Arnold, you're adopted country needs you. As a red meat conservative past the prime of his career, Fred's more suited to the deputy leader slot. Bring on the Hillary slayer!

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