Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rom to Huck: 'You're a stinking Clinton Liberal'

With the Huckster surging in Iowa, Romney leveled his slime gun on Huck calling him a Clinton style, tax and spend liberal (note: both are natives of Hope, Arkansas). Story. It's the mantra of unimaginative Republican campaigns--when in doubt, call you're opponent a liberal. When really in trouble, call your opponent a Clinton liberal. But listen to the reply from the Huckster: "This nonsense about being a liberal is pure nonsense." Mark his double use of the meaningless label "nonsense". Huck has an aversion to reason that we at Conspiracy Theory Central find appealing.

Governor Huck, please allow us to suggest a message in aid of your now mortal combat with Romney. The rich kid from Massachusetts claims to be the true conservative in the field. In today's GOP, conservative = evangelical. Romney's lord and savior is not Jesus Christ but Joseph Smith. Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor". Apparently Joe Smith said, "Knock on thy neighbor's door and pester the hell out of him". Politics is a blood sport Huck. You gotta take Joe Smith and cram him up Romney's ass. Do it Huck!

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