Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fred Thompson Understands Truthiness

Poor Viagra Fred. Got in the race late and stumbled out of the gate. Now the Huckster has roared past him into first place in Iowa while Fred stands mired in single digits. But give Fred credit. He's finally catching on to the thought processes of a bona fide Republican presidential candidate in the mold of Reagan or W Bush: i.e., know it from the gut, not the brain. This is the sin qua non of truthiness and that which is required to lead our great nation.

When asked about the latest National Intelligence Estimate on Iran which holds that Iran stopped its nuclear weapons program years ago, Thompson replied: "They’re undoubtedly intent upon nuclear weapons. I don’t care what this latest NIE says. That’s foolishness * * * ." Link. See the beauty of it? No facts given to countervail the consensus findings of the US intelligence community. Fred just knows pulled it out of his ass that the Iranians have a nuclear weapons program. His knowledge comes from faith and cannot be challenged with rational argument for it's foundation is divorced from reason reality.

We rejoice in the knowledge that Fred's message basks in the light of neocon dogma. His days at the American Enterprise Institute have obviously not been wasted. Booyah Fred! You might not be able to hold Dick Cheney's jock strap (few can) but we're warming to the thought of you in the deputy leader slot. Keep up the good work.

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