Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Go Easy on Michelle, She's Cross-Eyed

"Rather than have a senator or a congressman respond to President Bush's weekly radio address, [the Democrats] decided to have a child who was helped by the SCHIP program [health care for poor children] speak directly to the public. But the 12-year-old boy (Graeme Frost) whom Democrats chose as their poster child is now at the center of a firestorm in Washington and beyond." Link. According to Michelle Malkin, the Dems have made this poor child fair game for the right's media machine, which has declared a jihad on the kid. The Frost family of four lives on a combined income of $50,000! Sayeth Michelle Malkin, these folks are damn rich yet they wish to suck at the bloated tit of public assistance. We at Conspiracy Theory Central have an exclusive followup statement from Mz. Malkin on the Graeme Frost dustup, "Look at me. Do you see the cross-eyes I've been forced to live with from birth?!? Do I gravel at the public trough asking the government to fix my horrible disfigurement? No, self-reliance is an American virtue and, despite my immigrant roots, I'm a true American. I don't take public assistance and I hate on all immigrants. We're a nation of immigrants that has a long history of trying to shut the door after our ancestors snuck in from the poor countries of their origin."

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craig said...

hah, sounds like keith olbermann