Sunday, August 19, 2007

Queen Oprah Anoints Adopted Son King

Having rescued her adopted son Barack Hussein Obama as a child from an Indonesian school for Muslim boys, Queen Oprah is hosting a "celebration" for Prince Barack at her estate in Montecito, California. Gentry and commoners with the good fortune to receive an invitation shall pay $2300 for the privilege of attendance. By royal decree, garden attire is required and no cameras shall be permitted. Only the queen shall be attired in purple. Do not speak to the Queen nor Prince unless first spoken to. Any person who mentions the word "fundraiser" shall be drawn and quartered. Polite applause is required during Prince Barack's prepared remarks. Any peace activists who boo the Prince's statement that the U.S. one day may launch preemptive military strikes into Iran and Pakistan shall be caned mercilessly. Prince Barack is demonstrating to the American people that he has overcome the pot smoking, kumbaya days of his youth. He is now a serious world leader willing to spill blood in furtherance of American corporate hegemony. (Satire). For real, I'm off the Obama bandwagon.


Anonymous said...

That was great!
I'm baffled that myself and so many others "fell" for her
refuse and vitriol.
Thank goodness it was exposed.
It's ironic that she did this to herself. We can all be grateful that the world is free from the tyranny. Her association with Obama makes him less interesting to me than if he went in this race without her. I find the integrity of McCain/Palin ticket refreshing and a relief after observing the deception of Obama/Biden and their side kick Oprah.

jjray said...

"I find the integrity of McCain/Palin ticket refreshing and a relief"
Amen brother or sister. I can't wait for Sarah Palin to teach me the wisdom of creationism. I was brainwashed as a child by a science teacher who tought man evolved from apes ... how insane now that I see the Palin light! And here my little brain was starting to become concerned with this global warming thing. Sarah Palin says its just a big conspiracy theory and I should forgetaboutit. Thank god for Sarah Palin.