Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brother Beck Gores Sacred Leftist Cows
Book Sales Ballistic

Brother Beck's new book roared to #1 on the NYT best seller list knocking Stephen Colbert's ass out of the top spot. Colbert is a fake conservative and there is nothing Conspiracy Theory Central despises more than fakiness. It's so not funny.

His book: An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems. Here is a quote from the review @ Amazon: "[P]olitical correctness is the biggest threat this nation faces today, he declares, as it makes us prey for Islamic fundamentalists, renders taboo the roots of our economic troubles (poor people are, in fact, lazy, he argues) and creates rampant distortion in the media." Brilliant! Why do the politicians convolute the solution to every problem into soaking the rich with higher taxes? Take poverty. Brother Beck says they are just lazy. Problem solved. Let's move on as Conspiracy Theory Central feels the burden lifting from our shoulders as we type. Next up, "Ozone Al" and all this melting ice caps, dying polar bears, Miami gonna drown in the sea cacka. Beck's “radical” solution--inaction. Brother Beck, dredging the depths of his intellectual prowess, examined the scientific data, determined there is nothing to fear, and declared the best course of action to be the status quo. Whoa, that's a load off our mind. Thanks Brother Beck.

We got this nugget from the Newsmax review of the book: "A former radio shock-jock DJ, recovered alcoholic and Mormon convert, Beck has long been willing to call evil by its name and to stand up for traditional American faith and family values." Link. This explains Brother Beck's empathy for the common man, the poor soul has suffered in life. He's a recovering alcoholic as is our dear President W Bush. The price great men of vision delusion pay for their gifts is bearing a cross for the rest of us. But we were alarmed to read Brother Beck has joined the door-knocking cult of Joseph Smith. Just goes to show even the greats among us with hearts beating close to the almighty have their faults. Carry on Brother Beck! We're going to shut down all rational thought in our small squirrel-sized brain and turn the world's problems over to Glen and Rush (with spiritual discernment from Michelle and Ann).

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