Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Collasal Gang rape in Annapolis

Frank Gaffney is a neocon superhero in the mold of our dear Supreme Leader Cheney and Vice Fuhrer Perle. Frank doesn't quite reach as high as the Conspiracy Theory Central pantheon where Ann and Michelle hold court but he's up there. Anywho, Frank blasted the Annapolis Peace Conference in Today's Washington Times aka the Reverend Sun Myung Moon Gazette as a gang bang of mother Israel. How loathsome. Condi Rice has invited the islamofascist Syrians and Saudis to the table! Islamo subhuman terrorists, there at the peace table with the esteemed Israeli Prime Minister? Condi and her Islamist buddies are no doubt going to attempt to bend Olmert's over the peace table and cram it up his backside. They may even have the temerity to give back to the terrorists legitimate spoils of Israel from prior wars. Just to show you how insane the Palestinians are, tens of thousands of these delusional Hamas lovers today marched in Gaza protesting the Annapolis Israeli-rape fest. They should dance for joy that their eternal ghettoization be finalized in a peace accord. Frank and the other lovers of freedom know this is too good for the subhumans. Just ethnic cleanse the lot and be done with it! Why prolong the inevitable?

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