Thursday, November 22, 2007

President W Sees No Evil

First, happy 44th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, the mother of all conspiracy theory events. Historical reflection over, we move on to the current occupant of the White House--W Bush. The liberal jackals are again yapping at our president's heals. General President Musharraf of Pakistan clings to power. Booya! His self-appointed Pakistani Supreme Court has affirmed his recent election as President. Link. Is that not American-style democracy in action? Yet the left howls that Musharraf jailed a few mentally unbalanced political opponents along with a few thousand unruly protesters, dismissed the chief justice of the supreme court, and imposed martial law. In an interview with ABC news, W Bush said "Musharraf hasn’t yet 'crossed the line' and insisted Musharraf has 'advanced democracy in Pakistan'.” Doesn't the left get it? Too much democracy is like too much vodka, too much Brittany Spears, too many M&Ms, too much sex. All things in moderation except sex and holy wars. General President Musharraf is like a kindly grandfather weaning his children from the milk of totalitarianism and slowly giving them the solid food of democracy for sustenance.

But the leftist jackals stop not with General President Musharraf. They whine about an internal legal situation in the Islamic courts of Saudi Arabia. "A week ago, a Saudi appeals court increased the punishment for the female victim of a gang rape. The woman, who had been appealing her original sentence of 90 lashes, was sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes after her appeal." Her crime? Speaking to the media about being gang raped. Conspiracy Theory Central hates the islamofascists like a good Christian crusader but this ain't about some poor girl who got raped. It's about the big "O". That's right OIL. The guys in the black & white robes have it, we need it. So shut up already about a few lashes. You want $200 per barrel oil? Do you?

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