Sunday, September 2, 2007

Victoria's Secret to Men: Tame Your Moobs

Lingerie maker Spitfire of Japan fired the first shot--the man girdle. Japanese men have lapped up the man spanks marketed as "Manks". Link. Said manks wearer Futomaki Suzuki, "They're awesome. I can really channel my inner feminine chi in them and there's great support for the testicles. No more pocket pool to get my balls back where I like 'em."

Ever vigilant in the underwear wars, it didn't take Victoria's Secret long to strike back with the "moobs" control bra. Our spies tell us Victoria's Secret is combing the country for male moobs models for inclusion in their 2008 calendar due out this winter. Tom Arnold has been approached and is interested in the project. Conspiracy Theory Central contacted style maven Tim Gunn for his reaction to the man lingerie tsunami rocking the fashion world, "Every designer needs to get on the stick incorporating male control undergarments into their fall collections. The possibilities are endless." And does Tim think Hollywood's leading men will endorse the new trend? "Prediction: Jack Nicholson not only walks down the red carpet in a moobs support bra at the next Oscars but is also a paid spokesperson for the product. Remember, you heard it here first. Make it work."


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