Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad A Texas Longhorns Fan

Ha, conclusive evidence Bush and Ahmadinejad are on the same covert team! They are both devil worshiping Texas Longhorn fans. More on the sign of Satan. Tip of the cap to the folks at Conspiracy Planet for this one. We at Conspiracy Theory Central should have been on our toes and picked up on the ruse sooner. President Ahmadinejad has been cast as the devil incarnate by the Bush Administration (neocons), a charge reverberating in the echo chamber of the propogandists Main Stream Media. We interpret President Ahmadinejad flashing double devil horns to the western media as coded acknowledgment of his willingness to do the deed and play the fool for American audiences. The only question left is what fig leaf the Bushies dredge up as justification for bombing the bejesus out of Iran. They tried provocation by arresting and humiliating Iranian officials legally in Iraq at the invitation of Kurdish authorities but to no avail. Link. Never fear. We at Conspiracy Theory Central have complete faith Vice President Cheney, the master of stove piped intelligence, will rise to the occasion providing the needed cover to commence bombing. BTW, no question the first lady and first daughter Jenna are in on the cabal as well.


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jjray said...

Silly of me to have fretted about Bush Administration manufacturing a justification for bombing the bejesus out of Iran. According to Ari Fleischer, "There is going to be an attack on America. … It very well may be in Iraq." Link. Gee, our troops have been repeatedly attacked in Iraq for years. Old Fleishie is no dumby so he must be talking about another type of attack. Not one from insurgents but, rather, an attack from another Middle East state. So what Middle East state could attack American troops inside Iraq? Golly, he wouldn't be talking about Iran, would he?

Seems the Bushies are hard at work preparing another USS Maine or USS Maddox incident. What are the odds the Iranians allegedly attack one of our war ships in the Gulf sometime before the election next year? Maybe a speed boat bombing like the USS Cole? Who can say.