Saturday, February 9, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury Goes Bonkers

You may recall our post from December calling out Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, for his assault on Christmas. We obviously have an eye for the snake in the grass. "In a BBC interview on Thursday, he referred to the use of sharia in some personal or domestic issues ... . Asked if sharia needed to be applied in some cases for community cohesion, Williams said: 'It seems unavoidable.'" Link. What's next, beheadings in Trafalgar Square? The British people are, rightfully, going ballistic over this comment.

Archbishop Williams doesn't get it. George Bush and Tony Blair, god love them, have set the western world on a crusade not just against the Islamic lands but, also, Islam itself. The Catholics get it. They picked a pope who wore the German military uniform in Adolph Hitler's army. Archbishop Williams is suggesting appeasement ala Neville Chamberlain circa 1938. If Muslims want to live in Britain or America, they should become good British or American citizens. That means living under the laws of their country, paying taxes, and learning to speak English.

But should we stop there? Does not the war on terror trump all else? As W Bush and Anakin Skywalker have famously said, "You're either with me or you're against me!" That means kissing the ring of Jesus. Conspiracy Theory Central posits that, for the preservation of western civilization and winning the war on terror, there ultimately will be only one logical recourse: bring back the inquisition and forcibly convert all people to Christianity. God knows Jesus wanted it this way. Let's take off the gloves and get serious about this war on terror thing. As for that quaint old document called the US Constitution, the sooner Dick Cheney finishes the job of tearing the thing to shreds the better.


Anonymous said...

re speech 6th feb aoc on muslim

you should put out a world wide request for a criptologist(s) and historian to understand what he said starting with the last comment about 'theolgical' then concentrate on the references!

jjray said...

Anonymous, like you really expect Conspiracy Theory Central to enter into that horrid practice of rational thought? Scientific introspection is like devil worship. Conspiracy Theory Central abhors the notion. We shoot from the gut and the comments of the Archbishop offend our gut big time. So there!