Monday, May 19, 2008

The Huckster Is Back!

And I was wondering where the heck the Huck had disappeared to. Apparently fishing. Well everyone's favorite formerly fat governor is back in all his glory. Huck first makes a "joke" about Obama ducking from an assassin. This is exactly equivalent to our dear redneck forefathers of the 50s and 60s joking to black men in the south to look out for that noose. It's no joke, it's reality. So Tim Russert tries to call out Huck on his humor but the Huck is too sly. He slips the Russert punch by analogizing his humor to that of Sen. McCain's "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" song which, you might guess, Huck loved. Link. Has there been a politician on the national stage less PC than Mike Huckabee in the last 30 years? Not even close.

Attention Sen. McCain. You need Minister Governor Huckabee on the ticket! Huck will completely confuse and confound the national press diverting their vitriolic verbal arrows away from your person. He's the blocking back hitting the hole ahead of the ball carrier to open up running room. For the love of God and country, please, oh please, let it be McCain-Huckabee in 2008!

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