Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rush puts Dems in the Mosh Pit

Rush is a genius. We bow to the omnipotent intellect emanating from his massive nogin. We were stunned to hear the great one beseeching his subjects to cross party lines in the primary and vote for Hillary Clinton. Link. Then the beauty of it hit us in our slow-witted face: Obama was on the verge of locking up the nomination. Voting for Hillary drags the two leftists back into the mosh pit to slime it out. The words "Reverend Wright" fly out of Hillary's mouth each second it opens. Obama's surrogates have been trashing Hillary's delusional credentials such as being under sniper fire in Bosnia and playing a direct roll in the Irish peace accord. Every dollar the leftists spend beating each other up is a dollar less they have to spend in the general election when the votes are for keeps. In politics, money is ammo. One problem, voting in the other party's primary is illegal in Ohio. But Rush certainly operates above the law. Did he not beat indictment for the illegal abuse of prescription drugs? He's just too big for law enforcement to contain.

But we do admire the ingenuity of Hillary's tactics. She has shoved Bill into the closet to do there as he pleases. Hillary's main family surrogate is now daughter Chelsea, much more likable than either her father or mother. Any what is an issue hanging out there that the opposition has not raised? Monica. The recent release of Hillary's White House calendar reveals that Bill's philandering was conducted right under her nose. One may ask--(a) how was she so stupid? and (b) why did she not divorce the bum? Legit questions. But it was Chelsea, not Hillary, who was asked to respond to this challenge. Daughter like mother: she was able to get away with a total stiff arm. Watch below. Notice how Chelsea turns the question around and makes the kid who asked it a bad guy (despite the legitimacy of the question). Chelsea's on her way to the senate me thinks.

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